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AEW Tailboard Chipping Spreader is designed to give a fast, accurately controlled application of surface dressing chippings, coated chippings and other materials on to all types of roads. The unit is designed for easy fitting to most tipping truck bodies, and is available in the following two models.

• 2.25m (7″ 4″) Spears
• 2.25m (8″ 3″) Spears

Each model is available with an optional quick release scatter plate, which extends the spreading width by 0.5 m (20″) giving 2.75m(9′) or 3.0 m (10′)Spread
Variation in the spreading width can be achieved infinitely, from zero to maximum, by use of a lever controlled taper door control of the desired coverage is by a screw adjusted rubber gate mounted above the feed roller. Large foreign bodies pass through without causing damage. A metered application results by using spring loaded drive wheel, that automatically contacts the road surface as the body is tipped to the working position, and rotates the feed roller relative to ground speed through an operator controlled dog clutch. The main body design now incorporates a large throat with an adjustable battle to suit the different flow characteristics of the material to be spread. To further assist the flow and to material to be spread. To further assist the flow and to break up lumps of coated chippings, an optional agitator is available for fitting in the throat.

When required a full width operator platform can be specified as an optional extra. This allows the operator to ride with the machine and operate the controls in greater safety.


  • Other features include simple operation, even spreading capacity, and customizable spreading breadth.
  • It blends mechanical, pneumatic, and electrical systems into one complex.
  • It is the perfect piece of equipment, especially when used with our motorised asphalt distributor, for chip sealing.


  • Body : Constructed form 4mm pressed steel plate with hollow square and rectangular reinforcing sections and channels.
  • Feed Roller : Serrated surface feed roller constructed from 165 mm (11/2″) diameter tube mounted between self aligning lubricated for life bearings.
  • Baffle : (To control material surge) Bolt on variable position battle plate. Adjustable from 100 mm to 250 mm in 50 mm increments.
  • Feedgate : Adjustable gate with hand operated adjusting screws. Bottom section of gale in rubber to permit passage of oversize objects without damage.Feed Opening: 50mm(2″)/Feed Gate Fitted: 75mm(3″)
  • Cut Off Door (Width of Spread) : Infinitely adjustable from zero to maximum by lever Controlled taper door, when baffle is either of its two lowest settings. When the baffles are in the two highest settings and depending on the material being spread, the cut off minimum width will vary.
  • Drive : A 457 mm x 178 mm (24″ x 7″) pneumatic tyred wheel transmits drive from the road surface through a 19 mm (3/4″) chain drive from the road surface through a 19 mm (3/4″) chain drive to a cast iron / M.S dog clutch. Mounted on a lay shaft. The drive is then transmitted through this shafts to a chain drive fitted to the feed roller. All shafts are mounted on self aligning, self lubricating ball bearings, with the clutch operated by levers either side of the unit. The roller chain drive is fully enclosed in a heavy duty guard designed to self clean. The drive wheel position is adjustable to suit truck bed heights down to 1100mm (43″).Feed Opening: 50mm(2″)/Feed Gate Fitted: 75mm(3″)
  • Platform : Platform with stand rails and across step either side. Weight 77 Kg. (170lbs)
  • Agitators : Heavy duty tube with high tensile tongues, mounted in self aligning, self lubricated bearings. Chain drive from existing roller drive. Weight 11 Kg. (24Lbs)(Approx).
  • Scatter Plate : A quick rails unit designed to extend the existing width of spread uniformly by 0.5 (20″) Setting angle variable to suit chipping size and flow characteristics. For travelling the scatter plate the scatter plate ends can be folded in to reduce the machines overall width.Weight 55Kg. (121 Lbs) (Approx)


• Weight of 2.25 M Model – 650 Kg. (Approx)
• Weight of 2.2 M Model – 700 Kg. (Approx)

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