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AEW pothole repair machine and road maintenance equipment first time in India.

Ashok Road equipment India pvt ltd is leading pothole repair machine and road maintenance machine manufacturer in India. We have been awarded by Mr Nitin Gadkari for one of the best road repair machine in India.City street deep potholes and crack can get permanent solution with this latest technology patching equipment which is in local news also. Safety of all works are taken into as per gov norms..preservation of city street and resurfacing of city street can be done easily with this equipment.

Our pothole Repair machine can fill tons of potholes and patch in single go as its capacity is of 10 ton aggregate with 1 ton emulsion tank. This equipment has cold mix process for patching multiple potholes at single go. Our pothole repair machine has inbuilt equipment like air compressor for air spray, jet sprayer for emulsion spray, 25 KVA generator for all online equipment working, one ton emulsion tank, compactor, 10 ton feeder bin for storage of aggregate mixture and roller for road surfacing. For detail information you can see our youtube video like on below link or you can search for on google to know more about our company and products.This equipment is best for city street patching.

Get best price for this city streets patching equipment .Request live demo from our office .Our pothole repair machine is made to work in all season but it gives great value in monsoon season. As in India 80 percent of potholes develop in the season of monsoon and at that time all major asphalt plants or not working. This pothole maintenance machine help to fill small crack as well as big potholes as we can use .6 mm to 30 mm aggregate.

This machine can be used for city streets repair or major high way repair. As now to maintain road in compulsory for road manufacturing company for three years this machine is going to help them in many different ways. This machine can fill potholes and crack in full traffic area as it just takes 10 mins to fill all and give smooth surface. With this we give all safety tools like hand gloves helmets etc. Our machine is very easy for transportation as its truck mounted. This machine is also know as road maintenance management tool. Now center and state government has make a rule that road has to be maintain by construction company for minimum three years. We can deliver this product at any location in India.

In India, a new pothole repair machine has been introduced to aid in the concrete construction mobile news repairing roads.In India, the government has invested in the latest pothole repair machine to tackle the increasing problem of damaged roads and infrastructure, allowing for faster and more efficient concrete construction and mobile repairs to fix the country’s deteriorating roads.

How does AEW pothole repair machine and road repair equipment work

Step One – Clean the area with Air compressor on site
Our machine has tolls called air compressor inbuilt. With 25 KVA generator and control panel air compressor gets started to clean the pothole. This is standard process for filling cracks.
Step Two – mark the pothole or crack with chalk
This will save time and emulsion while patching crack or pothole.
Step Three – Spray the emulsion on the marked area
First start the emulsion sprayer and spray in the marked hole area on site.
Step Four – take aggregate and apply on potholes
Take mixture of aggregate generated from bin and emulsion which is mixed by screw convaryer. Apply as per need on the road. JCB is used for filling aggregate into bin feeder.
Step Five – Use compactor or roller to smooth the surface
This is the final step where you can use roller or compactor for making road on perfect surface level on site .Resurfacing of city street can be done by above process .Please share our content with all city streets repair contractors.machine 

Youtube Video of Pothole maintenance machine / road repair equipment

Why to Buy Pothole machine from AEW group

Our pothole repair machine is designed to efficiently and effectively repair potholes on roads, highways, and other surfaces. Here are Our common features that a pothole repair machine may have:
Asphalt mixing system: This machine have an onboard asphalt mixing system that allows for quick and efficient production of asphalt material.
Asphalt heater: Our Pothole repair machines typically have an onboard heater that heats the asphalt mix to the ideal temperature for proper compaction and adhesion.
Compactor: The machine also has a compactor that compresses the asphalt mix into the pothole and creates a smooth, even surface.
Material hopper: The hopper holds the asphalt mix and feeds it into the machine for use in repairing the pothole.
Placement system: The machine may have a precise material placement system that can ensure that the asphalt mix is placed accurately in the pothole, minimizing the need for additional repair work.
Control system: Pothole repair machines typically have a control system that allows the operator to adjust the heating and compaction settings to achieve the desired results.
Trailer hitch: Our machines are designed for easy transportation, with features such as a trailer hitch or compact design for easy maneuverability.
Safety features: Pothole repair machines may also have safety features such as emergency stop buttons, warning lights, and backup alarms to help prevent accidents and injuries.
Heated material: The asphalt material used to fill the pothole may be heated to a high temperature to ensure better adhesion to the surrounding pavement.
Reclaimer: Our pothole repair machines may have a reclaimer feature that allows for the recycling of old asphalt material. This can reduce the amount of waste generated during the repair process.
Spray nozzle: The machine may have a spray nozzle that can spray a tack coat onto the edges of the pothole before filling it with asphalt material. This can help to ensure better adhesion of the new asphalt material to the existing pavement.
Compact design: Pothole repair machines may be designed to be compact and maneuverable, allowing them to easily access potholes in tight or hard-to-reach locations.
Automated operation: Our pothole repair machines may have automated operation features that allow the machine to complete the repair process without manual intervention. This can save time and reduce labor costs.
Safety features: Pothole repair machines may have safety features such as warning lights, backup alarms, and traffic control equipment to ensure the safety of workers and motorists during the repair process.
These are just Our of the features that a pothole repair machine may have. Specific features may vary depending on the manufacturer and model of the machine.

new patch and crack can be easily managed by our truck mounted equipment. We are leading suppliers of this roads repair machine all over india. Every year we sale different roads constrction equipments. We have two factory – one factory located at hydrabed and other factory at mater Gujarat. You call call us for live demo or visit our youtube channel for more videos. All our products are very popular with business attached with roads construction industries. We give full support for repairs of all our products. This equipment needs just 10 minutes to repairs any hole by filling aggrate mixture with full strength . Our factory price of this machine is very competitive to market price.

Features of pothole repair machine


Specially design equipment  for Pothole maintenance work in Rainy season used for city street patching and highway patching.

Suitable for Use Recycled Cold Mix as Material.High Speed Air Compressor System for Road Cleaning

Gas Heating System for temporary Drying.Gas Burner System for Heating.

Hi Speed Mixer with 15 Tone Per Hour Capacity.Storage Capacity 8 Ton.

2 Types of Aggregates Mixing.150 C’ Bitumen Use with Cold Mix

Emulsion Spray for surface patching.Compact Vibrator for Instant Work.

Lighting Facility for night city street patching.25 k.w Generator Set Include with Plant.

Use for Concrete Road city street patching equipment.Mixing material quantity as your need.

Maintenance Free Plant Long life plant design Compact size.Easy to load or mount with all safety features

Use Up to 20 mm aggregate for preservation of city street.Use as mobile plant as well as stationary plant

Quality mixing materials sealing city street.Fully automatic PLC control panel as per gov norms
Very easy to operate Full service, technical support & back-up

Components of road maintenance machine

  • 1 bin hopper for Two type aggregate Storage 8-10 ton capacity.
  • Slinger conveyor system with gear box n motor.
  • Drum unit for drying & mixing.
  • Dust collecting system & exhaust unit with chimney.
  • Dryer burner with fuel pumping system.
  • Load out conveyor system with gob hopper & hydraulic hopper.
  • 3 ton capacity bitumen tank with pumping station & burner system.
  • Control panel with all operation system with dust proof box.
  • 10/15 TPH capacity.
  • You can produce 500Kg Asphalt Mix.


Why Pothole Repairing Machine Important in Indian Conditions.

Potholes are a common sight on indian roads , causing inconvenience and even accidents for commuters. The need for effective and efficient pothole repair techniques has never been more pressing. Concrete construction mobile news has been buzzing with stories about the Jetpatcher,patch-fill a pothole repair machine that has been gaining popularity in various Indian cities.

The Jetpatcher is a state-of-the-art pothole repair machine that uses high-pressure air to clean and dry the pothole before filling it with hot asphalt. This innovative technology ensures that the pothole repair is done quickly and efficiently, with minimal disruption to traffic.This road repairing machine was tack to town in karnataka elections. Patch -fill is in news for its research and innovation.

The importance of the Jetpatcher in Indian subcontinent cannot be overstated. With the increasing number of vehicles on Indian roads, the need for safe and smooth roads has become critical. Potholes not only cause discomfort to commuters but also damage vehicles, leading to costly repairs. In addition, potholes can cause accidents, posing a risk to the lives of commuters.

The use of the Jetpatcher has been gaining momentum in various Indian cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, and Goa. The machine has been instrumental in repairing potholes quickly, especially during the monsoon season when the number of potholes increases due to heavy rains. The Jetpatcher has been praised for its ability to repair potholes in a matter of minutes, providing a quick fix to a significant problem.

The Jetpatcher has also been used in the construction industry, where it has proven to be a valuable asset. The machine can be used to repair concrete structures such as bridges, ensuring that they remain structurally sound and safe for commuters. This has been particularly important in cities like Delhi and Mumbai, where bridges are a common mode of transport.

The Jetpatcher is also portable, making it easy to move to different locations. This feature has been particularly useful in rural areas, where potholes are a significant problem but infrastructure is lacking. The machine has been used to repair roads in remote areas, providing a much-needed boost to the local economy.Road repairing needs was trending in Delhi and Mumbai elections on top 5 news.

In conclusion, the Jetpatcher is a valuable pothole repair machine that has proven to be essential for Indian roads reparing process and concrete patching repairing . Its ability to repair potholes quickly and efficiently has made it a popular choice among commuters and local authorities. With the increasing number of vehicles on Indian roads, the need for safe and smooth roads has become critical. The Jetpatcher has helped to address this problem, providing a quick and effective solution to a significant issue.

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